Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Duncan pi system

Set up Duncan with a raspi. give him a custom login / password, butBoot to graphic desktop, skip login terminal.

Net ready, but hide browser? Set up for his home wifi - Ethernet isn’t likely an option.

Raspian OS should be fine.

Scratch - good start to code

Minecraft pi – probably primary use.

Access to python code examples – squirrels eat squirrels will probably be a hit. Tetris, too.

Give a pi2,  case, power supply, 8gb SD noobs (not bad, maybe $60 – Sean will be cool with that. I’m not going to charge him for my time.)

He has USB wifi dongle, keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Teach about proper shutdown procedures.  Don’t just unplug. Maybe give a button-power supply for on / off?

Maybe give Sean a copy of emulation station / retropie  , usb nintendo controller and some legit ROMS on another SD card for when Duncan is snoozing, too.

Yikes, I forgot about http://thegamesdb.net/ and http://igdb.com/

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