Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Sorry, Wile E.

Hey! I saw this guy yesterday morning. I was walking to my ride’s house, and I called out to it, initially thinking it was a fox. I noticed it was too big, though, and I saw a refelective tag on his collar. He ran back to the neighborhood. I’m so unfamiliar with the breed,  I thought it was just a skinny dog.


North Beach, MD - On Aug. 26 at approximately 8:09 p.m., the Calvert Control Center received a call from a citizen advising that there was a coyote running loose with a leash in the area of Neptune’s restaurant in North Beach. Sheriff’s Deputies and Animal Control Officer (ACO) Tom Guy responded to the call. They were able to capture the coyote, utilizing catch poles, in the area of Frederick Ave and 3rd Street North Beach. 

The coyote was wearing a blue collar indicating it was someone’s pet.

The coyote was transported to the Sheriff’s Office where ACO Guy met with members of the Natural Resources Police (NRP) and Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division where they confirmed that the animal was a coyote.  A resident of North Beach responded to the Sheriff’s Office claiming that he was the owner of the coyote.

During the investigation conducted by the NRP Officers, they were advised that the coyote was obtained as a puppy in the Virginia area. Due to the possible exposure of rabies from the coyote, it was humanely euthanized and sent to the state lab in Baltimore for testing.

According to NRP Officers, charges are pending for the owner. It is illegal to own/possess a coyote in the State of Maryland.

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