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this week’s keywords


2 Aol heroclix tactics 14.29%
1 Yahoo newtcam 7.14%
1 Google heroclix cheap low cast free 7.14%
1 Google heroclix custom maps 7.14%
1 Google palm programs goth 7.14%
1 Google identifying ip address livejournal 7.14%
1 Yahoo flash.gif superhero 7.14%
1 Google custom heroclix 7.14%
1 Aol Die Cast Airplance Models 7.14%
1 Yahoo nice snaps of indian girls of age 16 yrs 7.14%


1 Google free printable dollhouse wallpaper 25.00%
1 Google hexsigns 25.00%
1 Google spongebob coin bank 25.00%
1 Google custom heroclix 25.00%


1 Google Codex Seraphinianus 16.67%
1 Yahoo quiz your best friend on how ell she knows you 16.67%
1 Google quorn comic book 16.67%
1 Google how to safetly manufacture christmas lights 16.67%
1 Google gta3 skins for hurricane 16.67%
1 Google godzilla slippers 16.67%


1 Yahoo Yahoo dictonary 14.29%
1 Google crab of ineffable wisdom orange game 14.29%
1 Google wench 14.29%
1 Yahoo SLEESTAKS PICS 14.29%
1 Google cap n crunch almond bark 14.29%
1 AltaVista lemmiwinks 14.29%
1 Yahoo custom heroclix 14.29%


1 Google models derek drew riker 14.29%
1 Yahoo leotard feet pics 14.29%
1 Yahoo bigfoot sasquatch crossing 14.29%
1 Yahoo mister donut mister donut -japan 14.29%
1 Google Freedom force skins sasquatch 14.29%
1 Google fiction flat top haircut 14.29%
1 Yahoo livejournal styles 14.29%


1 Yahoo IHOP calories 20.00%
1 Google spandex cosplay 20.00%
1 Google draping a toga 20.00%
1 Google Newton s Nightmare 20.00%
1 Google scottobear hero 20.00%


1 Google wonka NEAR diorama 9.09%
1 Google toy lego mindstorm discontinued 9.09%
1 Google heroclix modify 9.09%
1 Google Mark Weaver Mediaforce 9.09%
1 Google Papa WereBear 9.09%
1 Google custom heroclix 9.09%
1 Google swamped by incongruity 9.09%
1 Google ho scale printables 9.09%
1 Google palm games asteria 9.09%
1 Google yahoo There was a problem accessing your account. 9.09%
1 Yahoo email addresses of all owners of steaming machine in Germany 9.09%

New smart billboards sniff your radio-preferences from leakage from your car and tailor themselves to your taste. The next generation will network with one another to chase you from one segment of the road to another.

Girl Fires on Freight Train Crew Who She Claims Had Annoyed Her.
Huntington, W. Va.—With a double-barrel shotgun, Miss Emeritt Adkins of Leet, a small lumber town in Lincoln county, answered some would-be flirts on a Guyan & Coal River railroad freight train.

Miss Adkins was standing on the porch of her home as the train approached. A shotgun was standing at a corner amid the herbs and tobacco hanging from the roof. Several men of the train crew, it is claimed, waved to the girl, and threw kisses. “Hello, sweetheart,” cried one of the trainmen. In a second the shot gun was in her hand. She jumped to the edge of the porch. The gun was pulled to her shoulder. It spoke once. Some of the small shot took effect in the face of a brakeman on the train, who is alleged to have started the attempt at the flirtation.

The engineer of the train pulled the throttle wide open and the train leaped forward. The girl leveled the gun again and fired. By this time, however, the train was too far away for the bird shot to take effect.

Minnetonka Record, January 5, 1912

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