Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Arseiam… some flash tutorials and source, too!. a little sound on the main page.

Dan swung by earlier today… He gave me some lovely Prezzies… A nice umbrella, a booster pack of mage knight (with three black powder units I wanted… two of which I didn’t have yet, and the third was a dwarven bombard…I can’t have too many of those. His wife made me some chex mix, and it’s quite tasty. Danny and I played two quickie 100-point games and I showed him LiveJournal… There are a couple people on my friend’s list that I know he’d hit it off with immediately if they talked.

The guy out front brought me a bottle of wine for the holidays, and Dave swung by yesterday with some cookies and a brief, friendly hello. (We’re exchanging after the holidays, because they’re visiting both sets of parents today and tomorrow. It looks like Mio’s moving out at the top of the month, so we’ll see a new neighbor soon. A pity she’s leaving… she was quiet, and didn’t cause any stress…plus my brother thought that she was cute.

I got a lovely card from Marcus and his family today, and from Grammy & Ted. $30 from the latter… Quite surprising, and welcome.

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