Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,


Woke up at a reasonable time this morning…only slept for about four hours.

I want to bring the term “Jive Turkey” back into regular acceptable usage.

It’s not racist, sexist, or vulgar (as far as I know)… and it’s goofy enough to make sure that there is a minimum of hard feelings.

If I annoyed someone with my opinion, and he or she petulantly muttered “Jive Turkey”… I don’t think I’d mind much. I’d probably laugh, and ask for their take on what was being said.

Another term I’ve not heard in a while is “Neutron Bomb”. Has all research into those things stopped? Are they still feasible, but just not the trendy weapon of destruction, now that bioweapons are popular?

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Feeling creaky… off to the showers with me!

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