Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Well, groovy. Got my new check card finally… now I just have to wait while paypal takes a day or three to deposit a little into my account,

Traffic’s heavy tonight… I’ll probably hold off on scoping out the haunted tunnel until Sunday, late. I wonder how the other spook-hunts are going this evening?

Someone’s burning something made of a fragrant wood outside… the air smells nice. I hear a light rain just starting, too… or maybe it’s just wind through the trees.

Taking a break, and kicking back. Tomorrow, my only duty is to do laundry…I’m going to try to get in by 10 and out of there by noon-ish.

Off to relax and chill. Nighters, dear journal.

"Veil" pieces made of Cellophane. I'll work more on this over the weekend, too.

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