Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

My apartment smelled of freshly chopped onions and baking bread earlier… now it’s nag champa.

Maybe going to swing by –

Discount Train & Hobby
211 E. Oakland Park Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334

tomorrow… look for more terrain and paints to play with…perhaps find a way to prevent the odd Newt-hair from landing on freshly painted stuff. I can Newt-proof… but his hair turns up in the darndest places. I’m hoping that they have some decent o-scale models and maybe some more mixable acrylic paints.

“Stupidity” author busted for trying to pick up teen girl online – “We can’t be lovey-dovey in public,” stupidity expert James F. Welles explained to his online friend. “Bottom line, I’m committing a crime.” The author of “The Story of Stupidity and Understanding Stupidity” thought he was chatting with a 15-year-old girl, but it was actually a 40-year-old male detective at the keyboard. (Palm Beach Post)

Hm! Rachel’s now a successful photographer and has been shown internationally. I’m delighted… she’s quite a talent, and I’m sure she deserves the kudos. I still have some of her slides here…maybe I’ll scan them in at work and post them here, if we still have the capacity. I haven’t heard from her since ’98ish. It looks like she’s got a nice little life building with a guy / pet / home / marriage.

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