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It’s already getting warm again… 81F during my 9am bike ride? Something to note about tunnels… they’re loud. The noise doesn’t have as many traveling options as a free, open area.

Well, my new savings account has already gotten $.04 interest, and it’s only a tiny amount of seed money until next paycheck. Next deposit, my rate will jump a little bit, which can’t hurt. Most of my funds landed in checking for bills and whatnot, until I decide how I want the sliding scale to go. I’m still waiting for the pay pal deposit to show up (probably won’t appear until Monday…) so I can take care of a little treat or two.

Two people on my reading list have deleted their journals… and they’re right next to one another on my list. I wonder if the next ones to go will be connected to them? Odds are slim on paidmembers… but risingentropysparky hasn’t posted since the middle of last month.

I recently heard the “McDonalds Theory of War and Peace,” which starts with the observation that no two countries that both have McDonalds have ever gone to war with each other. A middle class strong enough to support a McDonalds is presumably never going to support a war with an equally developed country. Note that Vietnam, Iraq, Cambodia and Somalia are all Big Mac-free zones.

Dave wants to get together at about 4… that’s going to screw up my schedule. I probably won’t be able to hang out with him today after all. (I was shooting for a morning to noonish sort of thing) I wanted to get some tunnel shots in the early evening. Dan’s grading papers, and my bro’s sleeping, so it looks like all of my available 2-legged friends are out of the hang-out option. I don’t know if I’m going to go to the hobby store today… I might swing by B&N and pick up some books with my gift cards. The good one is only three miles from here. Yes, I think I’ll do that. A cup of iced coffee and some fresh reading would be a lovely addition to my day.

Until later, dear journal!</lj>

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