Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Veterans Day / Remembrance Day. Thanks folks. I appreciate all the work you guys put in, and I feel that that I live in a better world as a result.

Hm. The hut dropped by five members. I wonder what caused that? Some unusual surges here and there.

Yay! I won the Sopranos “Who’s gonna get whacked pool!” The Brownies are mine! I won’t say who bit the biscuit in case someone’s waiting to see the episode.

A neat site for some vintage advertising… ephemera now… mostly old cars, but there’s some other nifty stuff in there, too. Orange Juice has never been more frightening. As is the psycho girl and her baked ham.

Some folks have today off of work, but not me. So, I’ll see you later, dear journal.

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