Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

I can take another painkiller at 11, and another anti-inflammatory at 1.

I’d really like for Newt’s sandbox to change itself, but that’s not going to happen. In about a half hour when everything is at maximum effectiveness, that poop is going out!

I’m not in much pain… there are a few comfortable positions I can hang out in. the only trouble is changing those positions. Rolling in bed or getting up is the only time I get a real reminder of why I have to stay home.

I got a message on my voice mail to call the center before I head over for my 3pm appointment…. I called back, and answered a battery of questions about assorted drugs and surgical history.

I look forward to when this gets to be $50-100 – Need enough music for a week? Or two? The Neuros HD has the capacity to hold 5,000 songs, and superior functionality to provide the technology you demand in an MP3 audio computer. The Neuros can broadcast songs wirelessly to your stereo. It can record and identify songs from the FM radio. With automatic synchronization all your downloads, play list changes, and requests from your PC library will be automatically executed. $400 is a bit spendy, but when the tech gets cheaper, I’ll be all over it.

Dear Jude Law: You need to nail whoever is responsible for what happened to your child with criminal charges. If the drugs are yours, you need to quit, now that there’s a family in the house.

If I had to pick ten people on LiveJournal to sit at a round table and have dinner and conversation with…I’d be disappointed at leaving some folks out. I’d like to meet and gave with *everyone I read* there are a few very special folks, though.

Bohemian Rhapsody is the top song of the last 50 years? No way. It’s a good song, but come on. How could it beat out Funkytown?

Cold Nipples? Possum Fur Nipple Warmers are here to save the day! (Pictures might not be safe for work)

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