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Okie dokie, it’s official.. I get it done Monday at 1. Dang, that took a long time. I left around one to be seen at three, and made it back home by seven. That’s a full day.

Back was doing pretty well, until they tested, poked, prodded and pulled. I’m used and abused right now, but once I’m flat for a bit, I should be ok.. Just no rolling.

Newt’s very welcoming… it’s nice to take comfort in his snuggles.

Sacre bleu! There are so many cool French comics! Do you remember pipe-smoking superhero Mister X? Or the flamboyant motorcycling crime fighter Motoman? Or the bizarre antihero Satanik, who only robbed and killed other criminals? And who could forget reading Otomox: Master of Robots while eating camembert and sipping chardonnay before school, mes amis? Despite all this, are you prepared for the ultimate team-up of Batman and… Tintin!?! (BTW: Other Tintin parodies abound.) (via memepool)

side note…. my sweetie could wonderfully fill a Batgirl costume… or Poison ivy. Rowr…. beautiful girl with brains and a darkish sense of humor. That’s my beloved… so yummy. If I were a superhero, I’d want her on my team.

I’m tempted to try a custom paint from bed. I don’t think it’ll work…more likely, I’ll get paint on me. I think it’ll be easier to write fiction instead. I’m overdue for doing that on the laptop, anyhow. Let’s see how my mildly addled skull does.

Yay! I got a zeppelin!The Wolfsonian is a museum of 20th century design in Miami Beach, and their website is a fine place to dig around. Looks like it has a ton of spiffy streamline modern and art deco objects, not to mention world’s fair nifties. I’m going to check it out in person as soon as I’ve got the time and ability to do so. I fear that I’ll go a little loopy in the shop. I really like the keychain! ) $5 a head is very reasonable.

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