Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

wow.. some miniatures are super expensive. (for what they are) The living room sets are nearly as costly as a *real* one!

Looks like if I want my tiny versions of myself and m’dearest to go on a picnic, I’m going to have to make the basket myself. The day that it cost’s more to feed my toys than myself is the day I perfect my own skills. I’d like to make a dollhouse for my sweetie…I’m sure she’d let me play along with my superheroes and monsters and such.

The presidential halo… I can hardly believe that wasn’t posed.

Newt’s being adorable, but a slob. bringing his food into bed with me to eat by my side. AwwwwW *brushing kibble-crumbs out of the bed*

edbook‘s latest image is fantastic! I’m frequently impressed by what he shares, and this one is just really keen (plus, he’s a really nice guy, from my perspective)

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