Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

I had amazingly erotic and exciting dreams earlier. Wow. I mean WOW. I won’t share details in public, but holy moley.

Reading my email this morning, for some reason I thought I saw mark as *undead* rather than unread. I guess that’s for all the email from zombies and vampires that I get.

Hooray! Paypal is up and running! in time for Christmas. :) Now, I just have to wait for direct deposit before I can earmark any funds for the holidays. (Even though I have it again, I still need to budget)

oh yeah, baby…. milk bottle of the week. more proof that every flippin’ thing is on the net.

Nifty site – Omar Zabir’s Portal. It’s a DHTML/Javascript tour de force. Pretty amazing… very well written and quite complete. (I get leery of sites that dominate your whole desktop experience though… a windows simulation that’s a little too close.)

I want waffles, or potato pancakes for breakfast/ lunch. I’m not hungry, but craving some comfort food.

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