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A male contraceptive, 100% effective, and with no bad side effects? Available 2005

Wow, that’s outstanding. Questions raised – Will STDs increase as a result of less condom use? Can men in general be relied on to take it daily? (I know I could… just make it part of the routine, along with showering and brushing.)

Dan exchanged money for services with O.J. Simpson last Saturday… a $6 viewing ticket for volleyball– Dan was ticket concession and his school’s team was playing against O.J’s Daughter’s. Of course, I asked if Danny said anything about “acquitted murderer’s discount” or the like. He didn’t… his exchange was limited to “six dollars” and that was it…we didn’t get as much mileage out of that element of conversation as I’d thought.

Here are some lovely shots of Newt and I in a plastic spoon-wrestling match. Also known as “Newt doesn’t want his teeth brushed yet this morning”… I have to get him in the right mood before giving him the brusha-brusha… he needs to be worn out and in a snuggle-bug mindset in order for me to stick my finger in his mouth. Though he looks fierce, it’s just horsing around. He’s got a lot of strength in his mitts. His paws are so big… little snowshoe-rabbit cat.


Rah--rar? Getting worn out

Unfortunately, I could get no good shots of him getting brushies this morning… maybe next week. I was lucky to get those two above of him trying out for a part in Sabretooth.

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