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Sakes… a recent picture of Michael Jackson.

annalytical showed me this thing…last night: A Photographic History of Michael Jackson’s Face … I think she’s in a competition to find stuff on the net that’s cool, and I’ve not seen yet. That’s a hard challenge, but she’s succeeded a couple of times now.

Happy Birthday, Monet!
Haystack, or cupcake?

Neat story about an artist who carves tiny sculptures out of pencil leads – without using a magnifying glass. Wow.

Gallery of old newspaper illustration art from The American Newpaper Repository, an organization that aims to preserve bound newspapers that libraries are throwing out and replacing with microfilm. The website also has some vintage articles – including this 1902 piece on tattooing.

Lord of the peeps and even more distressing – Peephenge

I'm a Twinkie!
What Snack Food are YOU? Click here to find out!

Little brother and I are having oriental ramen and sweet peas w/little yummy onions for supper. Cheap, and can be ready inside of 3.5 minutes to serve. Starchy, salty, filling, fast. Just what I was looking for this evening. Earl Gray tea on the side, and maybe a cup of cinnamon sugar oatmeal for dessert later on. That’s comfort food. I could do with some fresh orange juice… going to pick that up tomorrow when I get my paycheck deposited, and ‘scrip for Monday’s Epidural (good name for a band!) (Scotto aside… I thought that the name “Nerf Dildo” would be a good name, too… so much for my career in music)

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