Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Getting together at about 6:30/7 with Dave for dinner tonight and maybe a game or three of mage knight. We won’t go too late, though… he wants to go surfing up coast tomorrow morning.

I’m going to try to trade him something for his ironclad tonight… maybe a couple of my spare non-convertible dwarves…I’ve got a bunch of those… it’s a shame I don’t have more of the newer sculpts. I can’t believe that I’d ever see the day I’d want to trade good ol’ dwarves for nasty orcs.

I thought I’d get Cyclops because I have a Redheaded Clairvoyant as my significant other. *Rowr*

What’s your superhero personality?

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You are Superman. Congrats! You think like the Man of Steel himself. You are a boy scout; you stand for truth, justice, and other stuff. Just don’t get a messianic complex.

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