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Fragmentary, trying to get all info out

Though Kev told me that Jim (big boss) just brought some projects by for implementation, deeper scuttlebutt is that the owner came by this morning to address the ongoing political issue of Finn vs. *Everyone Else* (Sans Kev and possibly Santie.) When he came by today, he had a large stack of letters and e-mails in his possession, all citing the following problems (and more) with her behavior:

Socially unacceptable outbursts and generally hostile / childish attitude

Ex.- Needlessly delaying folks by stalling appointments made well in advance, ignoring or rerouting phone messages so that she doesn’t have to deal with the employee / vendor / etc.

Ex. – Spreading false rumors about Ken’s drinking in order to boost herself and to put him in a bad light

Ex. – Being the direct reason for Erica’s departure, after five years of excellent service

Ex. – Playing other directors against one another, including, but not limited to outright lies claiming that her hands were tied waiting for a response to messages (that were never sent).

Ex. – Refusal to perform her duties for employees that she’s not friendly with

Ex. – Expressing outrage that someone would move past her on the chain of command when they are dissatisfied with her “solutions” to problems. (Her solutions are generally from the school of “ignore it, and it’ll go away eventually”)

Ex. – An unwillingness to sit in the same room with someone she dislikes in order to learn how accounting and timesheets work. Instead, she prefers to waste four hours of the teacher’s time by making the teacher school the same subject matter twice.

Inflammatory and derogatory remarks made about coworkers in front of other coworkers, clients, and vendors

Slow (if any) response to the needs of her department

Constantly unavailable to provide services and fulfill duties of her job (Very poor attendance / Closed Door Policy / Long Lunch / etc)

Forging her timesheet to hide said poor attendance

Ex. – Asked multiple times to adjust information about insurance , w-2 forms, HRS, garnished wages, vacation and sick pay. Her lack of speed resulted in accounting write checks to people needlessly having monies withheld. (Many of these employees can’t spare a day’s pay per paycheck, living hand to mouth.)

There were interviews with many employees that didn’t send mail, and Jim’s information was confirmed.

Island boy told him that he feels Finn doesn’t know quite what she’s doing, and is incapable of giving even as much as a phone number for our insurance company to follow up on information he asked for weeks ago and never got from her.

Many mail shop employees confirmed the temper tantrums and lack of availability when they needed to discuss HR-related problems.

Over a dozen letters and e-mails were referred to. some we have no idea about the origin

Jim had her in the conference room alone for the better part of an hour, informing her that her performance wasn’t up to snuff.

I came in at noon, and missed being interviewed. I do have what I plan on saying ready, when the second wave hits. (I’m guessing that today was a verbal warning, next time will be written, and then firing, if things don’t change.) I feel that the only possible reason that she survived even the first round is that possibly Kevin went to bat for her. If it comes down to the board having to decide her survival, I see one vote for her to stay (Kev), two votes go (Ken and Chupa), and one undecided/ don’t care (Santie)

Apparently the whole board got a talking to for letting things get this far out of control.

We’ll see where this takes us.

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