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Well, it looks like the talk had at least the minor effect of her timely arrival at work this morning. The alternating demeanor of plastic and frosty still remains, though. I suspect that those are the only styles of behavior that she has ingrained into a daily routine… so it may take a little while longer to rework those into something a little more tolerable.

Quote of the day: “I’ve never had so many people conspire to get me fired!” – The Finn

If I worked someplace, and knew that the majority of the staff (from the forklift driver to fellow directors,) couldn’t stand me and wanted me out to the point that there was a letter writing campaign against me, I’d be seeking employment elsewhere. Heck, who wants to work where they’re not wanted?

Just got the flipside of the meeting from Kev. According to him, the entire board caught a ration of turd for allowing the maturity level to drop from high school level to that of about fifth grade. Specific problems mention rumormongering, cliquishness, and jumping the regular chain of command. The incident of Sappho’s ankle apparently never came up, though many complaints came in to Jim’s office via inappropriate venues instead of via the HR department. It seems that Jim was upset because he shouldn’t be hearing these things… that’s a job for his underlings to handle… not to be landing in his personal email, or his personal assistant’s.

A general meeting is being held today, to inform us all as a group to reset our “action track” and restart movement up the chain of command again. If a problem is had with a coworker, then begin again at the immediate supervisor, and work your way up from there.

It sounds as if Jim’s so annoyed right now that he’s willing to replace the board with a single general manager. That’s a good idea, but I suspect Jim would pick an unacceptable person for the job. (He’s notorious bringing family members to the table, whether they have valuable skills or not.

I don’t see the employees ceasing complaint about the Finn… and I don’t see the Finn quitting anytime soon of her own volition. I suspect that she’d rather take the whole board down with her.

This is the last I’m going to write about her and work drama, dear journal, unless something really amazing or unsettling turns up. I’m tired of the subject.

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