Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

So, I’m voting today.

I hate that it always turns out to be the “best of poor choices”, or lesser of evils.

I like Bernie, but doubt he will get anything done with our government. I prefer him because he doesn’t appear to be as sinister or in the pocket of people/corps I dislike as much as Hillary, or especially the repubs.

Hillary is supremely qualified to be president, but I don’t trust her to do the job or back the horses I support. .

  • I’m against the Patriot act, (She is pro),
  • I’m pro legalization of marijuana. (she’s against)
  • I’m Pro-gay rights (She flipflopped)
  • I’m Anti Keystone XL pipeline, she’s supported dirty oil
  • I’m pro equal pay for equal work (so is she – so that’s one!)
  • I’m for a single-payer healthcare system (she really is not)
  • I don’t think work should be taxed at a higher rate than investment (she’s against, again)
  • I am (and was) against the 2002 gulf war (she was pro, but has changed her tune now.)

That said, I suspect she will win the democrat nomination, and that’s better than anyone on the republican side as far as I can tell.

As for Bernie –

  • He’s not a proven leader.
  • I wonder why Vermont’s two biggest political leaders, Governor Peter Shumlin and Senator Patrick Leahy, have endorsed Hillary.
  • He’s 75. That’s an old dude.  What’s his expiration date in a job like President?

So, his disadvantages seem to rise over Hillary’s (the bullet list above were all items Bernie and I agree on.)


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Tags: md, north beach, politics

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