Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Scott’s voting choices today.

I may look back on this and regret it, or may not.

https://www.isidewith.com/maryland-voter-guide helped me to pick folks that match my views.

  • Bernie Sanders – President.
  • When it comes to policy, there are few differences between the two candidates locked in a bitter fight in Maryland’s Democratic Senate primary. I’m opting for Chris Van Hollen


My political beliefs would be considered strongly Left-Wing on an ideological scale, meaning I tend to support policies that promote social and economic equality.

    • United States PresidentChange Selection
      • Candidate picture</p>

        Bernie Sanders (Dem)

    • U.S. SenatorChange Selection
      • Candidate picture</p>

        Chris Van Hollen(Dem)

    • U.S. Representative District 5Change Selection
      • Candidate picture</p>

        Steny H. Hoyer (Dem)

    • Democratic Conv Delegate District 5 FemaleChange Selection
      • Candidate picture</p>

        Edith J. Patterson (Clinton) (Dem)

      • </p>

        Suchitra Cadambi Balachandran (Sanders) (Dem)

      • </p>

        Sandra Falwell (Sanders) (Dem)

      • </p>

        Amanda Stussman (Sanders) (Dem)

    • Democratic Conv Delegate District 5 MaleChange Selection
      • </p>

        Colin Byrd (Sanders)(Dem)

      • </p>

        J. Darrell Carrington (Sanders) (Dem)

      • </p>

        Babatunde Alegbeleye (Sanders) (Dem)

      • </p>

        Paul G. Pinsky (Sanders) (Dem)

      • Candidate picture</p>

        Darius Baxter (Sanders) (Dem)

    • Calvert County Bd. of Education District 1Change Selection
      • </p>

        Stephen C Jones, Jr.(N)

    • Calvert County Bd. of Education District 2Change Selection
      • Candidate picture</p>

        Nancy Vaeth Highsmith(N)

    • Calvert County Bd. of Education District 3Change Selection
      • </p>

        Erin L Knowles (N)

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