Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Sneakernet drone?

I wonder if piratebox software can run natively on a [raspberry pi zero drone?](https://www.hackster.io/12590/pi0drone-a-200-smart-drone-with-the-pi-zero-4fec08) All you’d need is to setup some checkpoints and fly a route over your audience while transmitting the sneakernet. *(Propellernet?)* Depending on the number of drones in a given fleet such a propellernet would be good for small updates to many people.
For large updates or file transfers maybe it’d be possible to do actual data drops and have drones physically deliver flash drives. Users would copy them and leave the drives in a drop box or give it to a pickup drone/robot. Where airspace is restricted it might be possible to use another approach. After all, [wheeled food delivery robots](https://www.engadget.com/2016/07/06/starship-technologies-robots-just-eat-london/) are already becoming a thing…
>the 4mph robots will operate as a “last-mile” solution, delivering food to customers within a 2-3 mile radius with help from its on-board GPS system and various sensors. When a robot arrives at its destination, customers simply need to type in a code that has been sent to them via the mobile app to open the lid and collect their food.
I like that bit about typing in a code to receive a delivery. Soon we could even leverage autonomous cars.  Better yet, load a self-driving electric vehicle with a few drones and a re-purposed food delivery robot and you’d have yourself a highly deployable system.
Ok maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. But as for the priatebox drones? Yeah, I think I’ll try to build one soon. I was already thinking about how to get a bluetooth beacon to call in a nearby pirate drone. In this case potential users would pass the beacon, receive a notification, press a button and the the pirate drone would automatically launch, hover over them and transmit the piratebox wifi network. Anyone could operate a pirate drone from their window. A decentralized system like this could bridge the gap between human courier and *eventual* multiplatform robotic data distribution.

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