Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Minor update

Just set my Samsung tablet back to Santa’s workshop for repairs for the second time. Same issue, power. Battery drained and the device wouldn’t charge.

Got a warning for soft stopping at a sign, I’m appreciative of not getting a ticket, my only time to be pulled over since the first week on having my license at 16. That’d be February of 1985.

Met with a good headhunter today and hopefully will have a line on a fresh gig soon. Nice guy, Patrick, a friend of Mary from knitting, who is a cool lady- knits, plays video games, horseback rider.  Speaking of it and knitters, fixed another ipad setup at knitting last night,  general apple tech minors,  but Betty appreciated it, as did Toni, when I fixed hers. Ipads, at least the models I just worked on weigh a ton… I can’t see how folks use those dinner trays as cameras or handheld media consumption.

I don’t charge the knitters for tech support, maybe if it took me on a long trip out of my way, but if I’m already at the place then I’ll happily give a device a once-over. Betty is bringing her laptop next week,  and I figure that it’s just a case of the thing being old tech that can’t run up to speed.. all she uses it for is email and browsing, near as I have heard.

I’m about 6 episodes behind on Mr. Robot. I tend to watch what I think Allison will enjoy, which is lately Salem if we’re up to the gore, or misc Netflix otherwise. Very British Problems is amusing and not hard on the gut.

Played a little fallout 4 nuka world dlc, and that’s pretty adorable. Disappointed that mods aren’t happending on ps4, but the raw play is very satisfying.  I might get the pc version for the mods when it drops to sub $20 or appears in a humble bundle later on down the line.

I’ve pretty much given up on no mans sky,  but may check it out again if I hear of an amazing patch or something.

Minecraft continues to be very amusing,  I think I have a version on just about every electronic device I own, except for the fitbit.

In fitbit news, I briefly fell out of the habit of using  it. Back to wearing it now, though my exercise has been limited due to sciatica.  I’m building back up to it, and taking it just to the point of reasonable difficulty and pain. Losing the additional weight again, little by little. Glad it’s cooling down outside.

Podcasts I currently listen to when I walk or work out are:

  • Tanis
  • Doughboys 
  • Magnus Archives
  • Greater Boston
  • Uncanny County
  • Lore
  • Wolf 359
  • The flop house
  • Ars paradoxica
  • King falls am
  • The bright sessions
  • Harmontown
  • Return Home
  • Dana gould hour
  • Black tapes
  • Archive 81
  • Scoop hound
  • Small town horror
  • The monster hunters
  • Our fair city

Mostly humor, chat, twilight zone / horror type stuff, or clever sci-fi drama.

Duck date tonight with Allison, went to Anthony’s, had a nice time save for smokers by the door giving me a hell of a coughing fit.


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