Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Weekend in a nutshell

Working backwards

Strange and Norell, episode 4

Dinner at ihop with van, waffles

Iced tea from a mutant at dd

No more bubble tea at Korean place

Arts fest at Anne Marie gardens

Got 2 tote bags, Poteet creature print, two log pillow puffs, Tettimer star earrings, a lot of fried food. Arranged to set up another Poteet original.

Intended to wake early for waffles, but we dallied until noon. No worries there.

Saturday, we watched Strange and Norell episode 3, and zonked on the couch.

As Allison faded in and out of wakefulness, I watched cute animal videos and youtube miscellany.

Visited target and picked up a skiff-load of Halloween loot, some jammies and tops.

Went to Sandy pony donuts, and got what were possibly the least palatable beverages in the form of bubble tea. I got black tea, She had taro.  Both were bland to flavorlessness,  with few tapioca bubbles and  No sweetness save for what I added after the fact.

Visited ginas cantina with s.I.r.s.

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