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Translate my journal into – Simplified Chinese, Dansk, Deutsch, Español, Français, Greek, Italiano, Japanese, Korean, Nederlands, Norsk, Polska, Portugués, Russian and Svensk.

(I just added that to my ever growing and very messy bio page) I’m not sure if I want to put the links on my journal itself, though it’d be much more convenient for folks that visit to spot it that way. Cool thing is that on many of the translatins, you can hover over words and see the English/other language translation.

Two new items added to eBay –</p>

Coral Ridge Country Club Golf Foursome (Coral Ridge Country Club) and a One Month Fitness Spa Membership (Jupiter Fitness center)

Hopefully these will win ACIM some nice funds….I wonder if the foursome isn’t too pricey an item for a local deal, but we’ll see! I’ll have to get CS to edit the copy… he didn’t run it through a spell check. Otherwise, they look quite nice.

Del Monte’s canned sweet peas (no salt) are far better quality-wise than Green Giant.</p>
http://www.svonberg.org/An 80-year-old woman used a ceremonial sword to fight off two six-foot raiders who burst into her home.
http://www.svonberg.org/Angina sufferer Jean Freke grabbed the sword from the wall in her drawing-room after she was pushed to the ground.</p>

The widow wrestled with one of the burglars and brandished the weapon at the other.

Her actions forced the pair of teenagers to flee empty-handed from her home in Dunyeats Road, Broadstone, Poole, Dorset on Sunday.

I have still got my sword and I am ready to use it if anyone else should have a go

Widow Jean Freke

Mrs Freke, who sustained bruising to her arm during the incident, is currently having her angina condition monitored at Poole Hospital.

The sword was a pre-World War I army officer’s dress sword which belonged to Mrs Freke’s late husband’s father.

Loud explosions

She said: “I was sitting in the drawing-room when I heard some loud explosions.

“I walked out into the hall to look around and these two men who had been trying to knock down my mahogany door had knocked-out the door frame.”

One of the teenagers ransacked the room, while Mrs Freke struggled with the other.

“They were big men and I am not big at all.

“I was trying to keep them away from a chair in the far corner of the room – behind the cushion was my bag, cheque book and all my money,” she said.

“I pointed the sword at the stomach of one them and shouted ‘Get out, get out’.

” I have still got my sword and I am ready to use it if anyone else should have a go.”

The raiders were white, aged 18 to 20, six feet tall and wearing dark clothing.

Detective Inspector Garry Smith said: “The attack on Mrs Freke was despicable and cowardly with a vulnerable widow being targeted in her own home.

“We are absolutely disgusted with what has occurred. Jean fought back and fought them off with her sword and I take my hat off to her.”

The attack on Mrs Freke follows a series of burglaries where elderly householders have been targeted. Site Meter

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