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7031 – Have at ’em, floatin’ babies!

Ann Coulter is a former Key West drag queen? It must be true! It’s on the internet!

Monday after such a lovely long weekend. I hope to the powers of creation that the Monday meeting is blessedly brief. Rhode Island returns from vacation and will discover LH’s departure… I hope she doesn’t wig out too much. </p>

Maybe there’ll be TeeGee pie. I have no pie here. That would get me to drink coffee.

Coffee and pie. Breakfast of champeens. It makes kids jump like little green frogs! I’m feeling extra hoppy just thinking about it! I also have a strong craving for scrambled eggs with salsa this morning.

The full moon is amazing this month.</p>
Random Great Movie Line: “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.” – The Outlaw Josey Wales</p>
Mel and I got together for a spot of lunch and tooling around the neighborhood. Aside from the accessories, I think Mr. Cow got a fresh coat of paint.</p>

piccies from yesterdays walkabout

Mel 11/28/04
Mel 11/28/04
Mel in the cobra, before sundown.

Rudy the Cow with Elf 11/28/04
Rudy the Cow with Elf 11/28/04
Big Gay Al’s Cow is made up for Christmas already!</p>
Rudy the Cow with Elf 11/28/04 b
Rudy the Cow with Elf 11/28/04 b
Alternate angle. Note Rudolph nose. Rudy looks stern. I took the opportunity to explain to Mel that I’m a vegetarian. She asked if I’d eat the elf. I admitted that I would, if I were trapped on a desert island.

What “They” Say :Missouri man legally changes his name to ‘They’.
BRANSON, Mo. (AP) — A Branson man has put a face to the anonymous references people often make to “they” by changing his name to just that: “They.”</p>

The former Andrew Wilson, a 43-year-old self-employed inventor, was granted legal permission last week by a circuit judge to change his name.

It’s just They, no surname.

He also has changed his driver’s license to reflect his new name.

They said he did it for humor to address the common reference to “they.”

‘”They do this,’ or ‘They’re to blame for that.’ Who is this ‘they’ everyone talks about? ‘They’ accomplish such great things. Somebody had to take responsibility,” he said.

Now, his friends are getting used to his new name.

“They call up and say, ‘Is They there?'”

He acknowledged the name could drive grammarians crazy.

“Not only is he making a statement about his name, but he’s messing with the entire English language,” friend Craig Erickson said.

They holds 14 patents including Ground-Effect lighting, used to create a neon glow beneath vehicles and patented in 1987.

His newest product is “Shades Eyewear,” which have a built-in visor over each sunglass lens. The visors protect the eyes from glare without having to wear a hat, he said.

Homeowner Says She Was Sued For Complaining About Damage</p>

Homeowners say a Brevard County homebuilding company is bullying, threatening and even suing homeowners for complaining about inferior construction.

A NewsChannel 2 investigation — part of our Building Homes: Building Problems series — found Mercedes Homes actually filed a lawsuit against a woman for telling her neighbors about severe leaks in her home.

Jay Ann Contardi couldn’t imagine a problem any worse than the deluge of rainwater pouring into her leaking home. That is, until she ran afoul of the aggressive lawyers representing her builder, Mercedes Homes.

“It has changed my life. I’m afraid to talk to my neighbors. I’m afraid to walk my daughter to the bus stop. I’m afraid to talk to you right now,” she told NewsChannel 2 reporter Dan Billow.

She’s not the only one. Other Mercedes homeowners asked us to protect their identities.

“I feel like I’m in a police state. I can’t do anything. I have no avenues. I have nowhere to turn,” one homeowner said.

That’s what it feels like when you’re sued for talking to your neighbor.

In the company’s plush corporate offices, executives hatched a plan to make buyers sign away their First Amendment rights.

“It’s there in black and white. The customer should read his or her contract thoroughly before they enter into it,” said Patrick Roche, Mercedes Attorney.

When you buy a Mercedes home, the fine print says you can’t complain to your neighbors, call the news media or even carry a picket sign, even if your new quarter-million dollar home leaks through the roof, walls and windows.

“This is my little boy’s room. The mildew’s so bad he coughs all night long. It’s despicable what Mercedes has done,” one homeowner said.

Complaints about Mercedes homes are among the most numerous NewsChannel 2 has received in our ongoing investigation of local builders. Owners told us the stucco is substandard or too thin, screws are even left out of pre-drilled holes in the windows and poorly applied exterior paint does not protect against moisture.

So, 150 concerned homeowners packed into a park, talking about leaks and identical problems with windows. But what they didn’t know was that there was a spy at the meeting.

“Two days after that, I was served with papers,” Contardi said.

She said all she did was talk to her neighbors.

“And you were sued for that?” Billow asked her.

“Yes,” she said.

The Mercedes lawsuit claims Contardi committed breach of contract and libel by distributing flyers stating that her water intrusion problems were a result of inferior construction by Mercedes homes. Other homeowners have received hostile, threatening letters, promising fines and lawsuits.

“Is this an intimidation campaign?” Billow asked Roche, the attorney.

“No, it’s not. It’s not intended to be intimidating. What it’s intended to do is to discourage a homeowner who may or may not have legitimate concerns from damaging the company’s reputation in the community,” Roche said.

Some homeowners say it is a bullying campaign, and it’s working.

Another homeowner said a lot of them are afraid to speak up so they are left to fix their homes themselves.

But the repair costs are nothing compared to the fear of being ruined, left homeless and destitute by the legal attacks of a big corporate homebuilder.

“We’re backed into a corner. It’s scary. We’re always in fear of repercussions,” Contardi said.

Some Mercedes homeowners are quietly exploring the possibility of a class-action lawsuit. They’re also seeking help from the state attorney general, and the state Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

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Until later, Dear Journal. </p>

Peace, Love and Happiness.



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