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7061 – Keep your nose in the wind and your eyes along the skyline.

Criminy. Holiday stresses are getting to the hen house. Do I care? No, I do not.

Peaceful thoughts for those in difficult times right now.</p>
Morning Newt-stretch, from behind his pink ears.</p>
Tomorrow night, I’m going to help Mel unpack her house, and we’ll see where the weekend takes us. I’m looking forward to spending time with her again… funny how two days can stretch on.</p>
Lost is getting more serialized/cliffhanger style lately. I’m definitely digging it.</p>
I’ve never had to light a fire to survive in winter.</p>
I’ve been hit so hard that I’ve seen flashes of light.</p>
I want to swim in a fresh water lake by a smooth pebble beach.</p>
I’ve only had alcohol from a jug once, and I was disappointed that it wasn’t marked “XXX”</p>
I’ve plucked and dressed at least two dozen chickens, and hated doing it every time.</p>
I don’t currently own a gun, for fear that I might use it in anger, or otherwise carelessly.</p>
I’ve been to a sweat lodge, and it wasn’t my thing.</p>
I’m amused by the idea of starting off as an egg, and I wonder about the origin of the protein that split it, before it was a sperm. What did my father eat, before he processed it into a seed? I flatter myself, by hoping it was a fly he swallowed while on his motorcycle, or maybe a bit of chocolate honey-dipped doughnut. I wonder how many pieces of me that have fallen, flaked or broken off in my life have gone on to become flies or doughnuts again?</p>
I take fresh water for granted. I take a lot of modern things for granted.</p>
I haven’t planted a tree in a long time. I’m overdue.</p>
I have no real need for prezzies this Christmas. I’ve been asked by a few people, and I still have no idea what to tell them. Just good tidings, and peaceful spirits.</p>
I wonder what mark I’ll leave behind, if any. Who’s going to remember me a hundred years after I’m dead? Ten? One year? I suppose it doesn’t really matter since I won’t actually know. I’d like to think that the chain of events from some action of mine could make someone else’s life better, 200 years from now.</p>
Best line from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – “You’ll find a slight squeeze on the hooter an excellent safety precaution, Miss Scrumptious.”</p>
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