Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Loot Breakdown xmas 2016

  • Xcom2
  • Mafia3 
  • Bioshock trilogy
  • Dishonored2 limited ed
  • Skyrim special edition 
  • Best buy gc specifically for red dead redemption 2
  • Lego Batman the movie dc super heroes unite  (kev!)
  • Archie mcphee bigfoot action figure
  • Tilemate tracker
  • Tiki ice pop molds
  • Lego minifigs (bigfoot, the fly, goth kid, Cheshire cat, alice, genie, dog show judge
  • Lego trick or treat set
  • Lego yellow submarine (!!)
  • Rick and Morty total rickall
  • Cryptozoology tube o critters
  • Ps4 controller charging station
  • Smash up cease and desist expansion 
  • Fred “borrow my pen” gag pens
  • More candy than I will be able to eat for ages
  • Rocket book wave notebook
  • Some nice jeans
  • A casting kit , or old school 3d printing minus high tech. 🙂
  • An interesting boom on how to make pictures of people into vampires
  • Actual fruitcake (well, a panetone)

    The boys got a chia cat grass planter 

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