Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Check In: Claire (1975)

Check In: Claire (1975)


Claire (1975)

Hounded by two vicious hoods, Jim Rockford’s former flame Claire seeks his help. After suffering multiple burns by her, he knows she charms men with her polished, classy act, so Jim’s reluctant to get involved with her again. But the gorgeous Claire seems so vulnerable and frightened, he takes the case anyway. Rockford presses his pal Sgt. Dennis Becker to fill out her meager story, but Dennis can’t fend off the pit-bull Captain Highland. The Captain makes sure his subordinate can’t help Jim, by assigning Dennis to tail the impossible-to-follow gumshoe. Claire’s ensnared in something big, so both she and Highland intend to keep Jim clueless.

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