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7266 – Easter Monday.


Note thumb in corner. I don’t know how I could get my thumb in a shot made by a pinhole camera, but there you have it. Cool Blue face graffiti-sticker by Elbo Room… I wonder who she is.</p>

Also note that it wasn’t the first time I did the finger-whoopsie yesterday.

More buk50 graffiti. Someone’s posting those all over town too. Also seen in the bus station beach place and Las Olas. I don’t know what BTS GAT means.

Crazy light-cycle looking scooter. There was a ticket on the windshield. Probably no motor vehicles on the bike rack.

A little kid on bungee-trampoline at Beach place. The mid-height is about 2 stories. I got a tickle in my guy just watching. I kept thinking of it as a kid-a-pult… put ’em in, and fling ’em like a slingshot if they’re bad. The last time I went to beach place, I pretty much hooked up with Mel. It was the Day after Thanksgiving… Weird, do I only visit the elbo room on holiday?

Random cute girl to make up for not watching the bikini contest.

A cute couple, or so I thought until I heard her negotiating a cash for affection/time agreement with him. So, this is really a prostitute and a trick. For the curious, she’s $200 an hour if you go to her place. Yuck. Or Maybe I totally misunderstood, and they were talking about some other prostitute. Who knows. Also, she’s not terribly discreet… or maybe they thought that I couldn’t hear them because I had my headphones in. *Note to people not wearing earphones*:… folks with earphones aren’t always listening to music.. sometimes it’s just a place to put ’em.

The Easter Manatee! Especially for Kellie Bellie.

They also put pics of manatees on the side of Shooter’s, by the handicapped spot. That seems vaguely cruel to me… maybe I’m extrapolating too much, but would a chair-bound person want to see legless, endangered sea-life?

Opa… fine Greek food, breaking plates, dancing on the tables. I will gladly take visitors there when they visit me in Ft. Laud… it’s a lot of fun. I haven’t been in a year or two, but it was a hoot then.

Moment of Lyric:

Goodbye my love
Maybe for forever
Goodbye my love
The tide waits for me
Who knows when we shall meet again
If ever
But time
Keeps flowing like a river (on and on)
To the sea, to the sea

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” – Gospel of Thomas, verse 70.</p>

In the last week or so, I’ve been told that I’m a sweetheart, handsome, a great voice of reason, a fantastic catch, etc, etc, etc. from an assortment of sources. A pity it takes two to tango. I’m glad that I’ve got game.

Why the term server? Wouldn’t servant be more accurate? I think of a computer that shares resources across a network. I guess servant is even less politically correct than wait staff.</p>
I didn’t get any easter candy this year. Just as well, really, but I may pick up a cadbury egg for the sake of chocolate goodness today.</p>
Two photographs of the same person, from different periods of time (child & adult) are spliced together.</p>
According to a recent study, office computers have 400 times as many germs as a toilet seat. The average office phone has 25,127 germs per square inch, keyboards 3,295 and mice 1,676.</p>

A newly released study claims office workers are exposed to more germs from their phones and keyboards than would be found crawling on a toilet seat. A lot more.

According to the study, from researchers at the University of Arizona, phones have up to 25,127 germs per square inch, keyboards 3,295 per square inch and computer mice 1,676 per square inch.

The average toilet seat? Just 49 germs per square inch.

“Desks are really bacteria cafeterias,” microbiologist Charles Gerba, who researched the study, told BBC News.

And just think about all the other communal items in the office – microwave door handles, coffeepots, water coolers, pens, staplers and copy machines.

One reason for the germ problem is the high number of companies that shy away from hiring cleaning services to swipe and disinfect desks.

They come in and sweep the carpet, scrub down the toilet and wash windows.

But keyboards, phones and computer mice are far and away the most germ-laden objects in the office, according to the study. Cleaning folks generally stay away from those items.

Employers have to decide how detailed they want their cleaning services to get, but the benefits of allowing and paying for individual desk cleanings is worth it in the end, as it may prevent more illnesses.

After all, 80 percent of flus and colds are caught by simply touching a surface.

“When someone is infected with a cold or flu bug, the surfaces they touch during the day become germ transfer points because some cold and flu viruses can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours,” Gerba said.

“It’s just like a day care (center),” said Clarence Bir, sales manager for a janitorial service in Indianapolis. “Once the bug starts in the office, it just circulates.”

What you can do

So how can you keep your desk clean? Here are some tips:

• Keep your desk orderly. It makes it easier to disinfect, whether by you, the office janitor or the commercial cleaning company.

• Scrub your desk with a disinfecting wipe at least once a week. This can reduce germs and bacteria by as much as 99.9 percent.

• Buy a disinfecting keyboard spray and apply at least once a week with a cloth. Just don’t spray anything directly on the keyboard.

• Phones should be cleaned at least once a month.

1 year ago – Lj then and now (I spend less time now), bro, ice cream cake, Smokey & the Bandit</p>

2 years ago – bro got me some Godzilla movies at the gift store up the road. I wonder now if they were purchased, or picked up with a five-fingered discount? Is every memory of him going to be recolored by what I know now? Probably, until my mind comes up with a fresh tint for him, later on in the game. I know that my memories of other folks are surely in varying shades, too.

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