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Today, after the doctor, I was complimented on my Zelda shirt by 3 different folks – the server at romilos, the cashier at food lion and the cashier at trader Joe’s. The guy at food lion had a Zelda mask tattoo on his arm, and the one at tj’s was wearing a triforce necklace. Romilos was just “I love that game” and brought me a to go cup so they win. 

Vacation plans have changed, we are officially not going to Nashville for the yarn thing. May do some stuff closer to home, or maybe we will go as far as planned but just like around. Will know more in future. 

Talked to Danny for a long while for the first time in ages. Certainly this year, probably since before the last school year started. 

Stuff still about the same, he was very enthusiastic about speaking, I didn’t manage to let him know very much from my side. His prostate is healthy, his mom is not, maybe taking martial arts or at least Tai chi again if he can find a teacher that isn’t as greedy and a creep like Dr Song. 

He is looking for a new teaching gig, applied around, and may do public school. Finances the same either way. I figure he is living paycheck to paycheck, and that has to be so frightening. He really doesn’t have a support system via family, is if he hits a bad bump, that could be devastating. 

I let him know about the condo getting sold and the new cars, new gigs for Allison and what I’ve been doing. 

He’s seen Vikings (finally has streaming video via Amazon prime), didn’t like the book I got him a few years back (Pratchett’s snuff), and is planning to watch mr robot. I put him on trail of some fun games to play on his ancient (4 year old) iPad. He mocked my interest in watching Rockford files, but I let it go… The writing is sometimes better on that show than his preferred sci fi stuff. 

He feels the singularity will happen in the next 20 years, I’m more dubious. Who knows? I think we will have to have some significant breakthroughs before that will happen, but tech leaps ever forward. 

I was glad to hear from him, I don’t know where he is on the burnt out scale but he seems tired and a little angry. I hope he finds a new gig that grants him some financial security soon. 

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