Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

109 years ago today. 

Rest in peace, Mr sticky. 

This headstone, located in the Goldfield Pioneer Cemetery in Goldfield, Nevada is apparently real. There are some doubts on the Internet as the red paint appears to be in mighty fine shape for being over 100 years old. Perhaps someone maintains the grave since it’s so unusual?

According to the Find a Grave and Letterology websites, Library Paste contains “alum” which is toxic if eaten in large doses:

This unknown man, a starving vagrant, dug a tub of library paste out of the trash. Made mostly of flour and water it seems reasonable to eat, but the paste contained alum, which is poisonous if a large enough dose is received. The Alum along with an already weakened health condition appear to have been enough to cause his death.

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