Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Thinking about games played on ps4 in 2017

Not much new, I enjoyed a few “oldies” quite a bit.

Let’s look at the log.

A lot of Fallout 4. Seems to have beaten Minecraft for my “go to” of choice in 2017 to play when Allison is zonked on the couch, and I played it almost exclusively for extra life 2017.

Earlier in the year I got into Stardew Valley for a bit, but hit a bit of a wall and never came back.

A smidegeon of No Man’s Sky, which I still think is fine, despite the big letdown of them not delivering what was promised.

I dipped my toe into the PS plus offerings, but none of the freebies held me for more than a couple of hours. Maybe it is time to retire PS plus? I don’t do a lot of online games, but that will probably change when RDR2 arrives.

GTAV- that was my filler online for a while, and I still look in now and again when BRB guys mention a little race or mayhem.

Did some jackbox games when Amy came to visit in January and August, and the PS facsimile that’s you. Bomb Corp might be my face of that lot when playing 3 folks.

Wolfenstein new order was dandy, too. Got to love shooting Nazis.

Mafia iii disappointed with the need for patching.got it for Christmas in 2016, took until almost March for it to be playable.colored my enjoyment a bit.

Bioshock collection was nice. I really enjoyed revisiing all of them.

“Everything” was a a surprise. I think I got that via Ps plus, and it really hooked me, more than abzu, nearly as good as journey . It was over quickly, but was a fun ride.

Of course, given fallout, Skyrim also nabbed me for a good month or three back in May, even though I’d played it before on ps3.

Got into blood bowl ii, but was turned off by tournament bugs.playjng online is where that shines anyhow.

Rocket league was another good online gig, but it is one of the reasons I’m kind of glad I’m not going to elu2018 – I really am not good at it compared to the super power players. For me it is great socially, but I just can’t compete.

Xcom2 was another Xmas 2016 game that I thought would grab me more, but I preferred the first one I mostly played it when it wasn’t convenient to play XCOM on the tablet, pc, ps3.(all pretty accessable) there are some good news elements, but it didn’t have the gotcha factor.

Lego dimensions had some great parts, and I really got into some of the gameplay. The arcade pack was especially lovely, because hey, defender and joust. If saddened me to hear it was cancelled, but I do have some great minifigs. Plus, how often can you play as Batman, Dr who, Mr T and Slimer all running around the Simpsons Springfield or the land of Oz? C’mon! I love that. Scooby Doo, Powerpuff girls and *portal* of all things. Nicely done, guys.

Most of that stuff was released in 2016, or well before. I think the only 2017 releases that caught my eye were Horizon Zero Dawn – which I got for Xmas this year, and Assassin’s Creed Origins, which I’ll happily pick up for $20 sometime later this or next year.

I’d have to go back and add up the hours, but I would say maybe 4 games got 90%+ of my attention. Fallout, Lego, GTAV and Skyrim. The others got a fair shake, but I’d guess overall we spent more time on Netflix / Hulu than anything else. Minecraft was really more on the tablet than the TV, waiting at the doctor or while Allison got her hair done.

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