Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Random Scotto fact(s) of the day.

Warning, stream of thought ahead. I may never clean up this entry, dear journal-forgive any errors.

Since I spent a good part of my youth in South Florida, I regularly swam in the Bermuda Triangle.

This does not mean anything in particular to me, but I realize that I haven’t really heard much about the old Devil’s Triangle much in recent years. The only reason it even came to mind was because I was listening to a little 13th floor elevators on my way to a doctor’s appointment, and it reminded me of the first couple of time I’d heard the song- in South Florida, natch. Picked up a Roky tribute CD in the Liberties bookstore in Boca Raton sometime in 1992, (about the same time I was crushing on the very Irish-named head of the children’s book department Shelagh O’Sullivan – who likely did not even know my name) called “Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye”. Some of the songs on that album are pretty great, some are terrible.


Watch “Bermuda – Roky Erickson” on YouTube

Vibrating Egg cover –


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