Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Misc today

Delicious dinner from Allison last night is leftovers tonight.

Spaghetti with English peas, sweet peppers, garlic and goat cheese with some olive oil. Brown butter sauce, some sea salt. Really good.

Got chest xray today, still have pneumonia, light duty only.

Crv checked out, warping on from rotors, but front brake job not immediately needed, still have 40% pads. Spidey senses on point, but glad to have confirmation.

Light shopping wore me out. Groceries and litter was about all else I could do aside from laundry.

Allison has some crud, too. We may keep her in tomorrow to mend.

Altered Carbon has some interesting themes, and a lot of swiped ones. Some potential, but after watching the first episode I worry the body hopping/ twinning thing will not go down the hackneyed route.

Red dead 2 is delayed until October 27, 2018 I guess I know what I’ll be doing for extra life this year.

Reminder for self, Tarpo meets Newton

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