Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Random thought.

Not sure if I have made it known to many of my fellow nerdy types, but I really don’t have a lot of love for Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, save for nostalgic charm. Most fantasy with elves / dwarves / in default LOTR is at least a soft pass for me. Weirder fantasy with mushroom people or fusion-pollution is fine.

My thing is more giant monsters, westerns, old school horror stuff like the wolfman, mashup stuff like the fallout universe, red dead and skyrim type stuff to put in a video game lore perspective.

I like some contemporary authors like Tim Powers, Charles Stross, David Wong and Jim Butcher – but even those are best taken in light doses.

Other “Nerd thing” I lack is the binge reading of the same stuff without a break. I prefer to alternate different authors or genres as I read. I dont mind binging video / tv shows though for some reason. I could watch 3 kaiju or kung fu movies in a row no problem.

Ready Player One was not my jam. i look forward to seening a video mashup of the nostalgia wank callbacks in the movie, though.

I am officially in superhero and zombie burnout. I’ll very likely happily return to both sometime after a bit of a cleanse. I still want to see the Black Panther, but I could have done without 2 out of the 3 Thor movies seen.

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