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Misc update

Danny’s mom died last night, I talked with him for a bit. She had been in hospice for the last few months, but it still hit him pretty hard. I’m glad his sisters are there to help with support and arrangements. He still has very different ideas than I do about cancer and treatment, and I fear he will not do what I feel is the best thing for his survival odds and quality of life, should he get any issues in that arena… but it is his body. I’ve just lost too many friends to quackery and denial of Western medicine that has been proven to work. The price of having a bad BS detector and poor research skills. At least we agree that a “healthy diet can’t fix a broken arm.”

People dropping like flies in Chesapeake Beach, 3 at Windward Key. More elsewhere… Pneumonia and sepsis taking out quite a few this winter. A lot of humans and even more pets of friends passed away recently. Makes me extra concerned for the boys, since Pyewacket is 14 and Newton is 18. Old and venerable, both still active and rambunctious, thankfully. See below, Newton stealing Pyewacket’s catnip heart, while his brother watches and prepares to give chase.

Haven’t heard much from bro recently, speaking of bad medicine concepts. Scared me a bit with his talk of using cream of tartar as a cleanse. I sent him some info and asked him to be careful – I worry very much when folk think they know more than a trained and experienced medical professional.

Made us crock pot kielbasa (veggie for me, turkey for BHK) , grilled hers on the skillet and added some kraut, peppers and a dash of this and that. I think it turned out pretty decently. A nice meal for a cold night.

Mom gets surgery on Thursday to replace her knee. I’m glad that she is durable enough for the operation and will only be in the hospital for a few days, and that she has Wilton to keep an eye out for her.

Current mood – C+, which is better than it has been so far this year.

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