Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Groundhog Day

Day 4 of 10: Ten movies that made an impact on you and remain in your rotation, in no particular order. Post the poster, no need to explain. Nominate a person every day.

Today, I’m nominating Robb Charnock (no pressure, but I’d love to see yours)

Robb and I share Feb 02 as a birthday.

Even if it wasn’t taking place on that day, I’d still like the film. A creep gets a chance to evolve, learn from his mistakes, and find love. A cursed guy finds redemption, and it’s pretty funny, too. I have probably seen this movie at least 20 times, more if you count fragments smushed together.

Also, it is Groundhog day, not Groundhog’s day.

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