Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

It can be really hard to be an ally to someone who is a complete idiot. Even harder to be one to an idiot you don’t like, because they are an irritation despite having their heart in the right place.

But, I’ve been an irritating, unlikeable dumbass on more than one occasion, and good folks have done it for me.

If someone isn’t actively evil, I can usually put a friendly face for anyone, and offer a helping hand or sympathetic ear…

As long as I remember that. I forget on occasion, but I am trying to do better.

If I have been less than kind to you, I will try to be better (even if you aren’t an annoying dumbass.)

Unless you are evil. Then, you can just fuck right off. (If you are reading this, I doubt you are evil or an idiot.)

Love and Luck,

Originally published at The Scotto Grotto (org). You can comment here or there.

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