Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Quiz thing

* How old are you: 50
* Surgeries: several back, one exploratory for heart
* Ever hit a deer: not driving but as passenger 3 {one of those more like hit us}
* Rode in ambulance: yes
* Ice skated: yes
* Rode a motorcycle: passenger on Dad’s
* Skipped school: oh, so much high school. Sorry, mom.
* Last phone call: doctor appt
* Last text from: group via MIL,FIL, Spouse
* Pepsi or Coke? Diet Pepsi or Coke Zero, but I prefer Orange or Cream Soda
* Favorite pie: chocolate cream
* Favorite pizza: varies by place. 3 bros – eggplant parm. Mod – black olives and jalapeno, everywhere else is usually olive and onion.
* Favorite season: autumn, winter a close second
* Broken bones: collarbone, a few teeth if that counts
* Receive a ticket: yes, from a robot
* Favorite Color: orange and purple and black
* Favorite flower: not sure, but snapdragons are the first to mind
* Sunset or Sunrise: sunrise
* Tattoos: i don’t have any (yet)

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