Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

2 weeks in, so far.

March 12 was my first full day of self quarantine. 

I really haven’t gone anywhere outside of my home block for 14 days, and it is a little surreal.

I am thankful for modern conveniences, like streaming games and TV. I still haven’t assembled my 3d printer or made solid progress in straightening my office past the first major foray. I think that part of my reasoning is because of dust and concern for my lungs, but also likely pure ptsd/anxiety about major projects, and realizing that is giving me counter-stress about not doing it.

Pyewacket seems to be enjoying having his mama and papa here full time.

Sleep has been difficult. Mr. Man has been spoiled by us getting up to entertain/feed/follow him around if he wails loudly enough at 4am.

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