Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

May, 1979 41 years ago!

The first r-rated movie I saw as a kid.Trading cards for Alien (1979) #alien I think I was supposed to be watching Rocky II, I was 10 at the time. My younger brother was still so little, I think he was with Mom. She was a hairdresser with Sally Brunot at the mall, and I was allowed to roam around while she was working. I don’t remember a lot about that place, except I had some cool monster paperbacks and there was a Woolworths that sold comic books and had a lunch counter. Comics at that time were usually 40¢, and kids movies were $1.50 (though if you wanted to jump theaters, it was really easy to catch 2) so once a week I would take a couple of allowance / keep busy kid bucks and get either – 2 comics and a grilled cheese w/fries {and tip!} at the lunch counter, or if I could manage it, see a couple of movies and then get a root beer or a Coke at the counter afterwards. 99% of the time I got comics and real food, but I really wanted to see Alien. I wasn’t disappointed.


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