Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Azure Pterosaurian

Name is probably a nod to dragon ball z: kakarot, and that dactyl head is keen, but I can’t resist the Octopus / Cthulhu alternate noggin. This is currently my only figure with this “demon” mold set and my only opaque blue. Six heads, each more villainous than the next, including a skull, bat, hood, horned demon, the aforementioned Pterodactyl, and Cthulhu. Included wings can be affixed to the back (or and comfy glyos location, it has a switch pin for male or female attachment) Nice paint details in light blue, red, orange, gray and chrome. Comes with creature feet (and alternate boots), a battle axe and broadsword. I enjoy this colorway, and might look for a more sinister color, like dark green, tan, black, or maybe even an ivory white as an alternate, given the different heads. #Battletribes #Wave12 #Glyos #Spymonkeycreations #Onelldesigns #Dragonballz #Kakarot #toyphotography


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Tags: #battletribes, #dragonballz, #glyos, #kakarot, #onelldesigns, #spymonkeycreations, #toyphotography, #wave12, uncategorized
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