Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Swampwalk gallery from social distancing day 118.

Things seen today, a possum skeleton (thanks to a fox, eagle or vulture?), a few cute little plants, a spiderweb in a sunbeam and just some other spots that faerie folk, stoner teens, or I might enjoy visiting.

Walked early again today, but the heat and humidity really got me, though I was mostly unbothered by mosquitoes. Next walk is going to have to be maybe at the crack of dawn.

I think I saw an eagle, judging by the tail shape, but it was backlit so it was hard to be sure. Saw one osprey, a pair of cardinals , some kind of heron, a goldfinch and a pair of gorgeous bluebirds (but no bluejays). Three squirrels, and a neighbor had a longhair grey tabby in the window that I didn’t know about until today. (Also, it looks like that cat wrecked the window blinds getting onto the sill.)

Grilled faux sausage for dinner last night, and leftovers will be good lunch, I think. Pizza night for dinner!!

Until later, dear journal.

#swampwalk #spiderweb #fungus #skeleton @ North Beach, Maryland

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