Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

July 14, 2020 at 12:41PM

Current mood. It is dang hot outside.

My life as a DX Arctic Guard. One of the few heads with a gray goatee, so I can self identify despite his unitard and great abs.

Current projects- downlaod all our music from google play to local / personal cloud, and find more tolerable car insurance, given we haven’t driven either vehicle more than a few miles since March 12 (Quar/SD day zero), exceptions include periodic trips to get medicine and mail. Still on same tank of gas for more than a season now. Today is day 123 of social distancing.

#manormonsterstudios #warlordsofwor #dxarcticguard #onelldesign #glyos #clawbber #Toyphotography #spymonkeycreations https://bit.ly/3eo7l6I https://bit.ly/30cIm0X

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Tags: #clawbber, #dxarcticguard, #glyos, #manormonsterstudios, #onelldesign, #spymonkeycreations, #toyphotography, #warlordsofwor, uncategorized
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