Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Eventful morning...

10:30 am - transcribed from my palm pilot.

Spent the last Half-hour with a friendly pooch- looked like a bull terrier/dalmation mix. He followed me up the street, and some folks kep an eye on him when I went into the bakery to get someone to call animal control. The Baker guy gave him some water, while I checked his tag... all it said was that he'd gotten a rabies shot in Miami-Dade, a good long distance for a dog to walk. The jewelry store guy next door came out with a cord to use for a leash, and said he'd keep an eye on the dog, let him sit in the store in the A/C until they got more info. Cool shopkeepers around here. :) The dog was a total sweetie. So I headed to the bus stop, and barely caught my ride to work... writing this on the bus.

10:45 Angry Hatian woman yelling at the top of her lungs at the bus driver, because it costs $.50 to bring a child aboard, and she thought it was free for kids. A long foul-mouthed diatribe, lasted about 10 minutes...I didn't know a person could yell that long and loud without getting kicked off the bus. I'm impressed that the driver didn't call a cop.

2:35 updating in LJ, I'm hungry, havent' eaten since chinese last night... and it was small then.
Tags: palm update

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