Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

We can disagree.

I think it’s pretty funny (weird, not ha-ha) that when some folks see me state a belief that is different than theirs, they automatically think that I am trying to change their mind.

I don’t really care what most randos think.

If they like Trump (for example), and say so in a forum, I will say that I don’t, and maybe say why. I don’t care if they change their belief, mainly because odds are good that they won’t, and it is no failing of mine if they keep thinking the way that they do.

I will feel that they are wrong and hope that they are in the minority, but that will be about it.

There is only futility and frustration if you care what the internet thinks. Half of it is ignorant, and much of the rest is trolls.

I feel bad for anyone who feels that they can change that.

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