Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

stolen from myth, latraviata and cider, my turn!

Interesting factoids about me:

I'm a goliath at 6'6" tall with long brown hair and blue eyes.
My first real job was page at the local library, helping folks find information, and I've loved the idea ever since.
I've been a vegetarian for a little bit over a decade.
I haven't driven a car in over 4 years, and haven't had a proper permit in well over 8.
I am incredibly fortunate to have some wonderful friends in Danny, Dave and Cathi, who can be relied on to help me in times of dire need.
I like most childern and animals more than grownups.
I am a big fan of folklore and mythology.
I like women that are curvy.
I have a younger brother, who has been on TV and in magazines for professional Surfing.
Fall is my favourite season, green and purple my favourite colors.

Ten interesting lieoids about me:

The vegetarian thing doesn't extend to *human flesh*.
My cat is really a spy, and plans on killing me once his mission is done here.
I love the musical stylings of Yoko Ono.
I can smell when women are 'having that time'.
I've spent over 1/3 of my life in jail, for a crime I didn't commit... but I don't mind because they never caught me for something far worse.
I long for the a return of the sensibilities of the '50s. the 1450's.
When intimate with someone, a sign of my love is my falsetto yodels.
While I openly admit the rulers of the earth are giant ants, I rarely talk about the queen cheese that controls their drone-like actions.
I secretly admire Rush Limbaugh.
Everything I say is clever ventriloquism from my anus.
Tags: nifty trivia, quiz-meme

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