Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Oh... it looks like Wally is surely fired, and that the police will be waiting for him at the port he comes in from vacation... mail fraud, misrepresentation of federal documents, embezzelment...

Looks like the chain gang for him! Time for him to bone up on his spirituals, rock breakin', and hope for minimal unwanted anal intercourse.

In more positive news -

I'm having Thai food tonight, in the name of the woman I love. *stands proudly and tall* I'm going to try a new local place that I've never tried before, once I make it to the house. Some spring rolls in pinapple sauce...and something spicy. not sure what yet, but I'm in the mood for something with zip... I like it pretty hot.(They have a vegan version of Pad Thai available... maybe I'll do that, or some tofu yummies). I'm going to make hot Chai tea tonight, too.

Glutton powers, activate!

I've got a little while to think about it... looks like I have another half-hour's worth of work to do here.
Tags: drama, health, work
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