Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

At the Thai restaurant I order my dish at "level 3" spiciness (out of 4 possible levels). I've grown so accustomed to the watered-down tingling that passes for spicy in most of the Thai places around here that generally I just go for the spiciest food they have, and I'm only hedging my bets at this place on the off chance that they serve "real" Thai, in which case the maximum spiciness might be a bit much.

I obviously don't have the first clue what "real" Thai food is. Level 3 is like eating a live Portuguese man-o-war. Normally, I can be munching on level 4 like it was frikkin' toast.

Thank goodness for side dishes! spring rolls... yumma-lumma

red curry tofu....


level 2 next time. *fans mouth*
Tags: florida, health
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