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And so, may evil beware and may good dress warmly and eat lots of fresh vegetables.

Be CAREFUL, the next time someone tells you you're full of crap, they may be right. It is estimated that the average person has between 3 and 8 undigested meals in his or her colon at any given time.

the bottle!! - Not my kind of superhero... but maybe the kind I'd be.


Last but not least --

Aint It Cool News has a report on an upcoming flick titled Bubba Ho Tep. Elvis and JFK, neither of whom are really dead, team up to battle a redneck mummy who's stealing the life force from nursing home patients. As if this alone weren't tabloid-riffic, the Great One himself -- Bruce Campbell -- is playing a jumpsuited, 70s-style Elvis!
Tags: nifty trivia, poop
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